Fab Lab Skill Builder: 4-Jaw Chucks

A popular tech line request is  for more information about setting up a 4th axis.  Earlier, we showed how to true a 4th axis to the mill motion using shims and how to set up a 3 Jaw chuck.   In this new video, Mike  C. demonstrates  how to set up a 4-Jaw chuck on a 4th axis.  He also shows basic tail stock setup.


A 4 Jaw chuck with independent jaws like the one shown in this video takes some care (and a little patience) to setup properly, as you'll see from this video.  That seems to be why most machinists will do whatever they can to use a 3 Jaw chuck if the part permits - for example, starting with round bar stock to begin with, or turning or milling down a round stub end on a square workpiece  so it can be gripped with a 3 Jaw chuck.

As a rule, it usually makes a lot of sense to program any 4th axis work as the first setup in a multi-setup program.  This is because its a lot easier to reference a part for a second operation setup if you only need to worry about alignment of 3 axes.

Of course, that's not always possible, and that's what makes a 4 Jaw chuck so useful:)

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