A New Year’s Resolution to Get More Efficient?

Feeds and speeds are a moving target, which makes them difficult to pinpoint. If you ask any seasoned machinist, feeds and speeds are the one thing that plagues everybody’s work. That’s because feeds and speeds are rarely straightforward. And if you think they are straightforward, the machine is sure to prove you wrong. 

Understanding feeds and speeds can be elusive, as there are so many factors, including but not limited to: RPM, feed rate, intended surface finish, material, cutting tools, cutting tool coatings, tool holder, etc., etc.

The other side to the coin with feeds and speeds is that if you can get things fine-tuned, you’ll be incredibly efficient. And being more efficient means less time at the machine, better quality parts, and if you’re running a business with your Tormach machine, more money.

Recipes from the proper resources can help to calculate your feeds and speeds, but there are a number of differing factors to consider before you even get started.

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Tools for Better Feeds and Speeds

There are a number of different resources out there that provide resources for feeds and speeds; Recipes, calculators, and even reference books. Unfortunately, it’s almost as challenging to find a good feeds and speeds resource as it is to calculate feeds and speeds in the first place.

Since there are so many different cutting tools, materials, and scenarios to be considered, Tormach has partnered with some valuable resource providers to help our users make more chips, faster.


ProvenCut provides an array of insight for feeds and speeds, including videos and photos of the recipes at-work, so you know just how the machine will look and sound with the tools and machine you’re using.

While the video/photo feature is a real selling point for ProvenCut, much of the value can be seen in its ease of use. An intelligent search system and one-click access to Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM files for each recipe helps to streamline your way to making chips efficiently. Not to mention that it was created by one of Tormach’s long-trusted brand ambassadors, John Saunders from NYC CNC.

Saunders said, “We have enjoyed hearing from numerous Tormach users who value ProvenCut because they are able to see Tormach machines in-action across a range of materials. The cutting videos give a huge confidence boost when you are working with a new machine or a new material! We have recipes for the 1100, 770, and 440 line of machines, and recently started adding Tormach 8L lathe turning recipes.”

ProvenCut LITE, which is limited to smaller CNC machines like Tormach’s lineup, starts at $49 per year.

33337_g_wizard_calc-m (1)Tormach also sells the G-Wizard Machinist Calculator for our machines. This calculator can provide recipes for a variety of materials on a Tormach mill, and can get you up and running with quality feeds and speeds.

Bob Warfield, CEO of CNCCookbook and creator of G-Wizard, said, "G-Wizard has helped beginners master feeds and speeds quickly, and professionals to grow their businesses by being more competitive. That’s why it’s the feeds and speeds market leader."

This version of G-Wizard is a special lifetime subscription, at a mere $79.50, provides an OEM version for Tormach mill users.

One of the best ways you can improve your efficiency - saving you time and money - is to leverage the best resources out there. Make getting more efficient a New Year’s resolution that you can keep!