Are You New to CNC? Useful Resources for the CNC Novice and Veteran

The world of CNC can be intimidating. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to figure it all out on your own. There is an array of different resources around the internet that you can pick up everything from beginning CAD/CAM to advanced machining techniques and even resources for feeds and speeds.

While you can find many of these educational opportunities with a quick Google search, sometimes it’s hard to pick out the truly valuable resources from all the content that is out there. Here are some of our favorite places for getting started or expanding knowledge in the world of CNC.

NYC CNC’s Fusion 360 Online Courses

John Saunders of NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works has created classes to teach you both CAD and CAM in Fusion 360. Going from beginner to proficient in any software seems like a daunting task, but Saunders makes it straightforward and easy to understand with a structured, online curriculum.

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Titans of CNC: Academy Building Blocks

Titans of CNC have built a number of tutorials to show how to create their Building Blocks curriculum in SOLIDWORKS CAD. Their curriculum also includes developing an understanding of inspection and general machining fundamentals.

Titans of CNC Fundamentals


Building a CNC Business

John Saunders also provides an excellent resource for budding CNC entrepreneurs. On the NYC CNC website they cover everything from accounting for manufacturing businesses to operations and logistics management. 

NYC CNC Entrepreneurship Content

CNC Cookbook

Bob Warfield runs a blog called CNC Cookbook, which explores all sorts of nuanced tidbits of information and valuable tips with everything CNC - from routers to lathes to mills. They even have some CNC guides that you can explore.

Check out CNC Cookbook

G-Wizard Feeds and Speeds Calculator

While being the operator of CNC Cookbook, Warfield has also created the G-Wizard Calculator, among many other CNC software programs, that can help you determine just what speeds and feeds you need to be running in different materials. Simply plug in the information and the software provides insight into how you should run your machine.

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ProvenCut for Feeds and Speeds

ProvenCut provides feeds and speeds recipes with video, photos, tooling, machine and cutting condition information. The recipes from ProvenCut are tested and documented by CNC machinists, providing feeds and speeds for a variety of machines, materials, and cutting tools.  

Numerous Tormach owners have used the hundreds of Tormach recipes offering video samples and detailed speeds and feeds showing what tooling, speeds and feeds, and material can be successfully machined on the Tormach 440, 770, 1100 and more.

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Machinery’s Handbook

While there is an array of knowledge that can be gathered online, sometimes the tried-and-true Machinery’s Handbook is still a great resource. This extremely comprehensive tome provides tons of mechanical and manufacturing engineering knowledge. Many machinists keep a copy of this book in their toolbox for as long as they have a toolbox!

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