Bailey's Falling Action Rifle: Our April Showcase Winner

Tormach PCNC 1100 owner Bailey Bradshaw sent us a few pictures of his latest project, a falling-action double-chambered .22 with damascus steel action and English walnut stock. Both the action and the Stock were machined using his PCNC 1100. Here's a link to a forum post that Bailey did on the build, step-by-step. Absolutely fascinating - not only for the machining, but for the the forging as well. BTW, if the name sounds familiar, Bailey is also a master bladesmith and well-known for his cutlery and folding knives. Honorable Mention to Christian Groves from Australia for his creative transformation of a Shipping Crate. Check this out!  Other great new showcases this month as well. Thanks to all that sent pictures! -Nantucket Basket Molds by Mike Murray -More gunsmithing from a youtube post here and here -Vertical Lathe Application from Tate Machine Works here and here -Palo Alto high School FIRST Robotics advances to regional finals One last thing: If you are planning on attending the Ann Arbor Digital Machinist Workshop, make sure to drop us a note so we know that your coming. As I mentioned before, we're planning a PCNC owner's meeting and would love to see many of you there.