Boutique Vinyl Record Storage Designer Keeps Things Custom With CNC

Vinyl record enthusiasts have always needed a place to store their collections, but David Stanavich believes that it’s about more than storage. The records need to be accessible so collectors can not only marvel at their collections, but also enjoy the music.

Stanavich is the owner of Wax Rax, a boutique manufacturer of storage and accessories for vinyl records. “We make the world’s finest vinyl storage, or rather access units, because storage is for something that is out of sight, out of mind, and records are meant to be enjoyed and played,” he explains.

Wax Rax produces everything from custom adapters for 45’s to custom furniture. “We produce parts and components for our units on our Tormach PCNC 1100. The material of choice is either brass or 303 stainless, but we also use some anodized aluminum.”

The custom hardware gives Stanavich’s furniture a boutique feel. “So if I need 24 or 32 pieces of hardware, we go to the PCNC, we set it up, and we do a mini production run and we make it ourselves. It’s working out really nicely because we’re offering a unique, striking piece of hardware that’s going to last, and we’re doing it right here, in-house,” he explains.

“We also rely heavily on the Tormach to engrave the Wax Rax logo, which adds something special to our units, and also brands our product. Things like our patented 45 adapter that looks really unique is clearly a Wax Rax.”

Stanavich has one of the earliest PCNC 1100 mills that Tormach produced. “I heard about Tormach in about 2006. … I desperately wanted CNC milling in my shop, but it was just out of reach.”

The cost of a large VMC was inhibitive and he didn’t need a machine shop tool. “I’d go to auctions and see equipment that no one would even bid on because you didn’t know whether or not it was even going to run. So, I was discouraged. When I heard about Tormach, I planned, saved, and got one of the first series PCNC 1100 mills. And it’s been running in the shop ever since.”

Stanavich also has patents on a few of his accessories. “I relied heavily on the Tormach to prototype and prove out different parts in the design process. I use the mill almost as a rapid prototyping machine. I’ve been using it extensively for more than 10 years, to develop products, unique one-of-a-kind pieces for clients, and to do short boutique runs of my own product line.”

As a small business, workflow is important for Wax Rax to succeed. “I’m able to go from the SolidWorks CAD design straight to making chips in a real short, linear fashion. That’s why the Tormach has been an invaluable tool in production of my furniture as well as the development of my patented designs.”

Wax Rax values the ability to make customized products and unique components without having to outsource machining and production. Stanavich’s Series 1 PCNC 1100 has helped streamline that process for more than 10 years.