Golf Is in the Air for Businesses with Tormach Mills

Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer weather and more time outdoors. For a number of people, it means hitting the golf course, and that means golf clubs and accessories. 

Whether it’s for performance or just customized beauty, we’ve all looked for ways to customize the tools of our trade or hobby. There are a number of folks that have built their golf-related businesses using a Tormach machine, and we’re excited to share what they do.

Champions of Small Manufacturing

Manufacturing has been getting smaller for a long time. Not in the size of the industry itself, but the size of the businesses doing real manufacturing. Smaller, more boutique runs of products has become far more common than the old days of needing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment. 


Nathan Scoles of Royal Payne Putters uses his 770M to make custom putters out of 1018 carbon and 303 stainless steel, using copper and aluminum for his soft jaws. 

Before getting his Tormach mill, Scoles hadn’t ever used CNC machines before. 


“I had not only never used a CNC machine, but never really seen one being operated,” he explains. “I had no idea what I was doing. So, one reason I chose Tormach is because of the price point of entry, but another is all of the information available on YouTube. I also knew it was capable of handling anything I wanted to do for quite a while.”


Griffworx does small runs of a variety of products, but they just started prototyping their Tallahassee Trapezoid putter using a Series 1 PCNC 770, like the above prototype that started as a billet of C110 copper. Their putters are made from solid billet, including the hosel, and are finished with a forced patina.


Griffworx said, “When researching Tormach, I learned that not only could I cut any material I wanted, but they have a stellar tech support line that was free for Tormach owners. I bought a non-working, used machine, and after about two days of troubleshooting and calling the tech support team, we replaced the axis drives and she has run like a beauty ever since.”

They also make a variety of other billet-machined products, like cigar cutters and products for firearms. 


Legacy Goods Ltd. is a prototype development CNC fabrication shop that specializes in custom putters and golf accessories. They are working with both stainless and carbon steel to create unique putter designs that they hope will give golfers a new edge to their game.


Now that spring has sprung, it might be time to freshen up your golfing collections with clubs and accessories from these fantastic manufacturers. Be sure to follow their businesses on Instagram!



Royal Payne Putters


Legacy Goods Ltd.


JP Golf