Is the Tormach 1100M the best for a home CNC mill?

Sometimes you need less waffle and more facts.

That’s why we’re going to give it to you straight and help you decide if a Tormach really is for you if you’re looking for a home mill.

Who Uses a Tormach CNC Machine?

Most of our customers are hobbyists working from home or small workshops tight on space but in need of a reliable, affordable CNC mill.

What Projects Do They Do?

The average home Tormach 1100M CNC mill owner usually makes light-to-medium cuts three-to-five times a week with a variety of project materials ranging from softwoods right through to titanium.

Projects can range between machining spare parts from hardened steel, cutting custom aluminium automotive parts, designing decorative jewellery or functional hunting blades to sell, or even crafting their own sporting accessories or household items.

Where Do They Store Their CNC Machines?

All Tormach home mill customers usually have one thing in common - it’s not just what their Tormach CNC mill can do, it’s also where it goes.

While they need a reliable CNC machine capable of cutting everything from wood to titanium, Tormach customers also need a CNC mill that will fit safely in their garage or outbuilding alongside a bike, a truck, spare furniture, or any of the usual junk we all seem to accumulate but keep around (just in case).

The Tormach 1100M is self-assembly and can be set up at home in a matter of hours (although we do also offer a fitting service if required).

Is the Tormach 1100M the Best Machine for Heavy-Duty Industrial Commercial Work?

No, but it doesn’t try to be either. The 1100M was never intended to be a heavy production machine. It’s designed either for hobbyist makers, prototyping, or as a reliable secondary machine in commercial workshops.

It’s for everyday people with a keen interest in CNC machining who want to make chips and bring their projects to life with a reliable mill without breaking the bank. But it’s worth remembering many of our satisfied customers run their Tormach 1100M mills in commercial settings for anything up to twelve hours per day.

The Facts

If you’re looking to cut heavy-duty material on an industrial commercial scale, then we think you’ll probably be better served by some of the bigger more expensive models on the market.

But if you want a reliable, affordable, space-saving CNC mill capable of handling all your hobbyist, secondary machine, or educational workshop needs, then you need a Tormach 1100M or 1100MX.

And yes - that might cost us business. But we’re OK with that.

We want to improve the CNC community and we can’t do that by giving you bad advice.