Machine Shop Finds Niche with Tools and Accessories for Muzzle Loaders

While in high school, Scott Pobjoy took a part-time job at Cash Manufacturing Company, a custom machine shop and specialty manufacturer of supplies and accessories for firearms. High school ended and Pobjoy accepted a position as a full-time machinist in the shop. Purchasing the company from founder Ted D. Cash in 2006, Pobjoy has ramped up production. Cash Manufacturing now boasts a catalog of 100 parts and accessories.

With plans for doubling his workspace in the upcoming year, Pobjoy has weathered the recession while working ten hours a day and running his PCNC 1100 in the background.

Visiting Cash Manufacturing with video camera in hand, we talked to Scott about how he uses his mill for prototyping and full-scale production of a hardened steel custom-made ratchet head that fits #11 nipples on rifles or shot guns and musket or pistol nipples.

“Most of the products I make out of brass, nickel, silver and copper and I make a few things out of iron and steel. I came about buying a Tormach mill because we make a lot of tooling for punch presses. My tool and die maker said I needed a CNC mill. We stared looking and we found ones that were real expensive or real cheap and we didn’t want to go cheap. T

hen he found Tormach and we couldn’t believe it was in our own town. So we went over and looked and ended up purchasing a Tormach 1100 and we’ve been real happy with it.” Look for the TDC/Cash Manufacturing label the next time you visit a Cabelas store.