New CNC Drag Knife, and a very large Cast Iron Part

New Product:  CNC Drag Knife We've added this CNC Drag Knife to the webstore.  We knew it could cut sign vinyl - that's cool enough, on its own - but also wanted to see what else you might be able to do with it. So we came up with a few application notes for how to use it with the help of our friend Scott at SDM Fabricating, including:

  • Sign Vinyl  (you can buy some here, don't forget the application tape!)
  • Gaskets
  • Copper Traces
  • Metal Shims


You can download our application notes here.  I also know that you can cut paper for sandblast masks, etc., as well.  Does anybody have any other ideas?  Let us know.   Choo! Choo! This monster part is a smoke box for a 1/8 scale Union Pacific Challenger Locomotive.  4th Axis work was programmed with SprutCAM.  The fixturing looks very well engineered, to say the least.  Thanks to Tormach PCNC 1100 owner Steve Gnas for the video.   I believe this is the the full-scale edition: