NYC CNC Guide to Fixturing & Workholding

In the real world where all parts aren’t perfectly square and designed to fit in a traditional vise, finding a clever way to hold a part can be the most difficult part of the machining process.

Through the years, we've learned and shared several different ways to think about holding onto parts.

Over the past ten weeks we compiled a guide to fixturing & workholding as well as a quick-reference PDF with the pros and cons of each workholding method. Each video in the series contains multiple examples of parts that we have made over the years, meaning that for each method we have additional full project videos if you’re looking to take a deep dive into a certain workholding method.

To view the full video series, quick-reference PDF, and links to complete project videos for each example be sure to check out our NYC CNC page for the Fixturing Recap Series!

This post was guest-written by John Saunders of NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works.