Showcase Winner: Ed's Model Air Engine

Ed Hanyzewski from Pelican Rapids, MN stopped by the office a few weeks back and dropped off plans and pictures for a small model engine. He uses this as a project for introducing young kids to machining and manufacturing methods. I thought it was pretty cool and Ed was happy to share it with us to post on Milling Around. Ed has sent us all the prints for the parts. You can download them here. Drop us a note if you build one. [nggallery id=8]. From Ed: "This project is a small compressed air powered model engine that was designed as a project for young people to build. The engine is a project that is being produced during the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Show which is held every Labor Day weekend at Rollag, MN. With this project, we are attempting to make it possible for young kids to actually produce a model engine that will actually run. Also it is an opportunity to show young people some of the basic machining methods, and to mention the possibility of a great career in manufacturing. A series of common drill presses have been set up with instructions for each operation for the students to finish their parts. Students are required to de-burr, machine and assemble their projects, Pictures included showing typical class. So far about 120 students have completed these. Many proud parents and grandparents. The engine design calls for parts to be made with some very close tolerances. We want the students to do as much machining as possible, without the possibility of making parts that will not allow the engine to run. With this in mind, we have produced kits for the students to use. The kit parts are drilled with a countersink for hole locations, with machining of the cylinder, piston, crank, flywheel, and purchased parts.   As you can see by the pictures, This project would not have been possible without the use of my Tormach Mill. At the present time we have completed about 250 kits." I did some youtube searching about WMSTS in Rollag and found out that they have a 600HP Snow Engine on permanent display. That might be worth the trip by itself - check this thing out!

Congratulations, Ed - as showcase winner, you'll recieve $100 gift certificate to!