Prototyping and Industrial Design in Santa Cruz with a PCNC 1100

August Anderson is an industrial designer and self-proclaimed jack of all trades when it comes to modern fabrication, and he owns and operates the product development and industrial design company Concept Squared.


Learn to Turn in New Tormach Lathe Workshop

Special Discount - Save $600 on First Class, Scheduled Nov. 8-10 Tormach has always prided itself on providing approachable and affordable machines to anyone who has the desire to make things, or operate a small shop.


A Guide to Selecting the Right Vise for the Job

A good vise is a fundamental tool for precision machining. In addition to choosing the right size vise for your machine, identifying the right types of vise for workholding is critical to making sure your workpiece is secured while its being milled. There are a three types of vises that you’ll commonly encounter in CNC milling – the machinist vise, the CNC vise, and the toolmaker vise.


Workholding of the Month: Double-Sided Tape

Workholding is a vital piece to any machinist’s arsenal of knowledge. So much so that there is an endless list of books solely dedicated to workholding design – like the two we have available, Jig and Fixture Design Manual and Basic Fixture Design. Some corporations even hire engineers to do nothing but design more efficient ways of keeping work in place.


RapidTurn: Origins

As the oft repeated adage goes, the design process is more often than not an evolutionary process rather than a revolutionary one. Nowhere is this more true than the case of our newest product, the RapidTurn.


Getting from Idea to Part: CAD – CAM – Cutting


Getting from a conceptual idea to a realized part is an important process to understand, whether you’re a maker looking to invent something for the world or a design engineer looking to get a new project off the ground. Once an idea is developed, the process turns to CAD (computer aided design). Using programs like Fusion 360, OnShape, or Solidworks, 3D models are created to provide a virtual version of your idea.

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