Star Wars and CNC

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Star Wars and the associated branding is rife throughout the media and advertising outlets as the latest chapter in the epic space saga is released.


Halloween with Tormach

We wanted to carve a pumpkin with one of the PCNC 1100s in our showroom to celebrate Halloween. After some debate with our machinists and realizing the unwanted mess that pumpkin chunks mixed with aluminum and steel chips would create (especially in our showroom), we decided to step away from the idea. Our local makerspace, Sector 67, wasn’t worried about the mess, so they used their PCNC 1100 to do just that. Happy Halloween!


Milling for Hobby and for Profit

Small shops have found a lot of success milling parts and components with both the PCNC 1100 and the PCNC 770 mills. Using both of these mills in conjunction, Tim Lothe has developed an accomplished shop being the parts supplier for larger shops as they work on major projects.


Ideas Squared Goes Beyond the Hackerspace

When Hana and Nate Kossak founded Ideas Squared in Phoenix, Arizona, they used a business model that sets them apart from hackerspaces and business accelerators in other parts of the country.


Making of a Maker: Kent Myers on PCNC

IT Program Manager by day, maker by night, Kent Myers writes extensively about his interests and innovations on his popular blog, “I’m a computer network manager with a mechanical engineering degree that I never really used. I’ve always liked to build and create things, but in my day job I mostly sit at a computer. So, I started getting into woodworking and have done a lot of projects in the past 20 years. If you’ve been to my website you can see some of the work I’ve done,” Myers explained.


Shifting a Hobby into High Gear

Tormach customer turned Tormach employee, Rory DesJardin was a three-year PCNC 1100 user before he joined Tormach as a Product Developer and Technical Support Specialist in January of this year. DesJardin used his PCNC 1100 to make shifter controllers and shifters for Jeep and Toyota automatic transmissions and Toyota transfer cases as a side business.

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