Tech and Spectacle Intersect at Two Bit Circus

As if the name didn’t give it away, Two Bit Circus is not your traditional engineering firm. The company places itself on the crux of developing technology and interfaces that are just too difficult to fake. Live-action video games, virtual reality experiences, and the cutting edge entertainment for groups are what make Two Bit Circus a whole new kind of company.


Ring Light Comparison - Tormach Pro- Ring Light vs. Generic Ring Light

I noticed there were a few questions about this over on CNCZone, so I thought I'd post this photo to show the difference that the Nichia SuperBright LEDs make in our Tormach Special Pro Ring Light. 


LED Spindle Light Collar Mod for PCNC Mills

We've been talking about Tormach Customer Mill Mods for the last few posts on the blog and Kent Myers sent me one that I thought was too cool not to share - Its an LED Light Spindle Collar!  Check it out - 240 LEDs, total cost is under $30.

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