Using Tormach Machines for Gaming Industry Production

Charlie Brumfield was an old-school Dungeons and Dragons player looking for a gift for some of his gaming buddies when he decided to start up Artisan Dice. “Within 48 hours I found myself in the dice-making business,” Brumfield says. “Our first day in business I built a website, put it up Sunday night, and by 6:00 AM Monday morning we had $1700 in sales. It’s been rockin’ and rollin’ ever since.”


Reducing Lead Time in Event Production with Tormach

When you go to a concert or attend a major event, the fanfare and spectacle of the event are what captures your attention, but there is an array of event production going on in the background to make everything happen.

Steven Anschutz at Entertainment Fabrication uses his PCNC 1100 to excel in the niche industry of event and staging production by creating various specialized parts to make industry-standard components work with each other, as well as not-so-standard components.


Balancing the Worlds of Digital Fabrication and the Master Craftsman

Ilan Dei owns and operates a full-service design and manufacturing facility that helps emerging companies create a memorable and iconic identity and brand in the heart of Venice, California.


John Saunders Talks Bootstrapping

Starting a business can be a challenge, even for John Saunders of NYC CNC.


Mechanical Technologist Finds New Uses for Tormach

The puck dropped and players with gloves and sticks reacted. Instead of zipping across ice, they jetted through water during the 2006 Vancouver Underwater Hockey club game after a specially designed puck was put into play.


For the Love of CNC: The John Saunders Story

Many Tormach customers know John Saunders, in fact there are many that know Tormach because of John Saunders and his YouTube channel, NYC CNC.  Saunders started his path to CNC machining by sleeping next to his mill in a one-bedroom apartment in New York. He began machining parts for others for fun, when his eyes turned to Tormach. “It’s all I wanted,” he explains. “This thing, the PCNC 1100, was a monster machine for me.”

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