More than Just a Machine Shop at Rauch Engineering

Prototyping can be a challenge. We live in an era of fast-moving start-ups and Kickstarter revolutions, which leads to specialized machining and short turn-arounds. Chris Rauch keeps his “dual aspect engineering company” running steadily, thanks to both a lathe and mill from Tormach.


Tormach Fab Lab: Working with a Quick Change Tool Post for Lathe

In this new Tormach Fab Lab episode, we're showing the basics to setting up a Quick Change tool post on a CNC Lathe.    The QC toolpost kit for our 15L Slant-PRO CNC lathe is size CXA, which holds 3/4" tools.  There are many different styles QC tool holders that you can purchase for this post, but the three used the most are:

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