The Hidden Benefits of Squaring Your Vise

When you’re dealing with CNC, keeping things square is vital to the entire process. While you can get away with a crooked vise, it will eventually come back to bite you.


Augmenting Craftsmanship at Nagahara Flutes

Featured on the Tormach blog and in a previous Customer Showcase, we recently checked back in with Nagahara Flutes to see what they've been up to with their PCNC 1100. Improving the quality of the professional-grade flutes and the overall manufacturing process, Operations Manager David Scarbro explained in detail how CNC is augmenting the flute making trade.


A Procedure for Digitizing using your PCNC Mill and Blender

We get a lot of questions into our technical department about how to get started with surface digitizing.    Digitizing, if you aren't familiar, is a technique that uses a touch probe to record a point cloud - basically a collection of XYZ coordinates that define a surface.

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