The Modern Art of Milling

I've been away a few days at the Wisconsin Tech Educator's Association Annual Conference.   On top of that, we're having some problems with youtube, so the video I had planned for this week will have to wait - grrr!  In any event, I thought I'd share something that I read in last month's issue of Cutting Tool Engineering.  Always great content in that magazine - I get about 2 magazines a day sent to me, and CTE is one of the few that I read cover-to-cover. This article, called "The Modern Art of Milling" by William Durrow from Sandvik Coromont is an awesome overview on Modern CNC programming strategies - all of which are very easy to implement.  A lot of what he mentions here is directly applicable to smaller CNCs, regardless of Horsepower. Make sure to take the time to read through it. Also, Bob Warfield over on CNC Cookbook has talked about similar things as well over the years and has a nice discussion here that's worth mentioning again in case you've missed it.