Tormach Fab Lab: How to use a Companion Horizontal Spindle

  You can set up a companion spindle with our Horizontal Spindle Arm Mount for milling in the XZ (G18) or YZ (G19) plane.  This can be a great technique for doing light milling on the end of a very long workpiece.  In this episode of Tormach Fab Lab, Mike C. demonstrates how to get this setup right.

  You can now also model this setup in SprutCAM by taking advantage of the brand new Tormach PCNC machine definitions in SputCAM 8.  Here's a video that shows how to get that started as well. 

 Want to try this out for yourself?  We've got the Kress High Speed Spindle and all of the mounting clamps and brackets for sale here: Tormach eStore - Companion Spindles More Tormach Fab Lab Videos: