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10-Pocket Automatic Tool Changer Kit for PCNC 770 Series 3

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The ATC Kit for the PCNC 770 Series 3 is a 10-pocket, umbrella-style Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for the PCNC 770 Series 3 CNC mill


Eliminate the need for manually changing tools with our Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). This is our modern ATC, along with a retrofit kit to interface it with your PCNC mill, the ATC features:

  • 10-station tool tray for Tormach Tooling System (TTS) tool holders
  • Air blast to clear chips from tools
  • Automatic crash detection and warning prompts
  • Carousel position feedback
  • Integrated touch-off routine (requires Electronic Tool Setter)

Some assembly required.


  • PCNC 770 Series 3
  • Tormach Tooling System (TTS) tool holders


What's In the Box?

  • Mounting hardware
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