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Buck-Boost Transformer

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19 lbs.
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The Buck-Boost Transformer is recommended for minor increases of stable line voltages less than 230VAC to eliminate performance degradation


The recommended input voltage for the 1100M and 15L is 230 VAC. A Buck-Boost is recommended for minor adjustments of stable line voltages less than 230VAC to eliminate performance degradation. The performance of your machine is dependent on your incoming voltage. Running your machine at the maximum voltage of 240V will allow to you utilize the machines full potential. Adjusting your line voltage from 208V to 240V can raise your peak power by as much as 20% and can almost double the available power at the maximum RPM of your spindle.

For specific applications questions you will need to contact a local certified electrician.


  • Primary Voltage 120/240, Secondary Voltage 12/24
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Single Phase, Welded Core Construction
  • Heavy Duty Encapsulated NEMA type 3R Enclosure
  • Standard Wall Mounting
  • Conduit Knockouts
  • UL Listed / CSA Certified
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Manufactured by Hammond Power Supply

Recommended for input line voltages from 200-230VAC.  Not to be used as a Power Conditioner. Does not include pigtails.

Note: Tormach does not supply a wiring diagram for this product. Contact a local electrician for wiring instructions, if needed.

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