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Bundle 1100M+ Servo Upgrade Kit

Base Price $2,395.00

Bring faster feed rates and rapids to your 1100M mill by upgrading its axis drive motors with this kit.

Installation required.


  • 1100M
  • Not Compatible with 1100MX


NOTE: To identify your control board, open the electrical cabinet and look at the number as shown in this example. If it shows ECM1v1.4 or earlier, you must purchase the ECM1v1.5 control board or later (Select the ECM Replacement Kit in Bundle Below to Receive Discount When Purchased with Servo Upgrade.)


Maximum Feed Rate X-Axis, Y-Axis

300 in./min (7.62 m/min)

Maximum Feed Rate Z-Axis

230 in./min (5.84 m/min)

What's In the Box?

  • Axis servo motors
  • Z-axis brake module
  • Power and control cables
  • Installation tools and hardware
  • Installation instructions
  • M+ electrical cabinet and enclosure decals
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Total Package Price
Bundle 1100M+ Servo Upgrade Kit
Total Package Price Bundle 1100M+ Servo Upgrade Kit

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