1/8 HP Coolant Pump Upgrade Kit

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15.5 lbs.
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High Quality 1/8 HP (100 W) Coolant Pump Upgrade Kit. For PCNC 770 or PCNC 1100 models, replaces OEM factory pump.

Replaces Coolant Pump 115/230 VAC for PCNC 1100

High Quality 1/8 HP Coolant Pump Upgrade Kit for PCNC mills.  This pump is a premium import pump that will provide a long life of worry-free operation.

  • Power: 100 W (1/8 HP)
  • Voltage: 230 or 115 VAC (Dual Voltage)
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Winding Insulation: Class F
  • Enclosure: IP 54, cast iron housing
  • Includes 4 self-tapping screws and NEMA5-15 adapter cable

Note: When installing on a PCNC 770 - see pg 63 of owners manual

    1. Because the coolant pump is dual voltage, you must verify that the motor strapping is correct before you install it:
    • a. Loosen the water-tight connector that’s secured to the junction box. Then, slip it down the cable.
    • b. Remove the access cover on the coolant pump, and then identify the jumper configuration diagram.
    • c. Verify that the jumpers are in the correct configuration (115 Vac/low volt) for your installation. If necessary, adjust the configuration.
    • d. Replace the access cover on the coolant pump.
    • e. Tighten the water-tight connector snug back onto the junction box.
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