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Darth Vader Cookie Mold

Darth Vader Cookie Mold CNC project

In this project, we are going to make a mold for Darth Vader shaped cookies from a plastic cutting board. I used cutting board material because it's food safe. This is a simple project with only one side of the material that needs to be milled.


  • 3/8” Plastic cutting board of any size


  • 1/16” 3 Flute End Mill
  • 1/8” 3 Flute End Mill
  • Tormach PCNC 440 or PCNC 770 Mill
  • Vise with a minimum jaw opening of 5” or hold down clamps for the mill table.


  1. The CAD is a simple drawing of the Darth Vader mask made in Fusion 360, knowing details were not that important for a cookie mold.
  2. Extrude 0.24” up to define the outline and the cavities for the mold.
  3. Then extrude 0.136” down. I extruded this way to match the 0.376” material I had on hand, you'll have to make adjustments according to your macterials.
  4. The setup was done in CAD using a 5” X 5” piece of the cutting board. A smaller piece could be used if needed.
  5. Add two pocket operations in CAD using the two different sized end mills to create the shape of Darth's mask.
  6. Then add a contour of the mask using a 2D contour operation.
  7. Put your material in the vise and find your work offsets using one of the techniques in the following video.
  8. Make sure your tool tables are set up correctly, put in the first tool, and hit cycle start. Tool changes will be called out in the G-code as the machine runs the program.
  9. After the program finishes, pull the part out of the vise and debur the edges with a pocket knife.
  10. You can now go make some Darth Vader cookies!
Darth Vader Cookies