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EZ-Puller with 3/4" Turret Compatible Mounting Kit

Shipping Weight:
3.4 lbs.
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The EZ-Puller is a self-adjusting bar puller that pulls round stock up to 1.750 inch; fits 0.750-inch capacity.


With the EZ-Puller bar puller, you can change bar sizes in seconds without needing to make any mechanical adjustments. Just change the X value in your G-code program to switch to a different material size. To fully automate your 15L Slant-PRO lathe, pair it with our Automatic Collet Closer!


  • Accommodates a wide range of material shapes and sizes:
    • Hex Stock: Range of 0.125 in. - 1.375 in.
    • Round Stock: Range of 0.093 in. - 1.750 in.
    • Square Stock: Range of 0.125 in. - 1.000 in.
  • Activates grippers without needing coolant or air pressure
  • Automatically compensates for varying diameters (no gripping fingers to adjust, lose, or break)
  • Fits 0.750-inch capacity gang and Quick Change tooling
  • Provides high repeatability for less wasted material per part


  • 15L

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