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Every FIRST Team knows that there are a million different ways to engineer a build.

But making parts doesn’t have to be your bottleneck!

Tormach machines have been a trusted resource for a number of FIRST Robotics and FIRST Tech Challenge teams. Because getting your parts (and spares) made quickly and cost-effectively is vital to the success of any winning team!

Tormach Supports FIRST Robotics

Tormach machines have been used to help teams get an edge on their competition for years. We’ve even had our Tormach experts onsite at FIRST events.

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FIRST Robotics Machine Packages

Purchasing a CNC mill, plasma table, or router can be a big decision. Our machining experts can help your team decide which machine is the right fit to your budget through a 30-minute pre-sales consultation. These consultations are with a member of Tormach’s Technical Pre-Sales Team. They are dedicated to providing you with the technical insight and support your needs for FIRST Robotics. Whether you’re looking to make spares of small, precise parts, prototype iterations, or you’re looking to cut exact shapes out of sheet metal, Tormach has the CNC tools to get your robots ready for competition!

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FIRST Robotics Tooling

Already have access to a Tormach machine and just need to determine your tooling and fixturing solutions? We've compiled a list of CNC tooling and workholding recommendations for FIRST Robotics Competition teams to get started fabricating parts.

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