FRL Filter-Regulator-Lubricator

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The FRL Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (3/8 in. NPT, 60 SCFM) is recommended for proper conditioning of supply air for the Power Draw Bar and ATC


Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL). Diecast Aluminum body with Polycarbonate bowls, 1/4 in. NPT ports and 1/4 in. push to connect fittings, 60 SCFM.

  • Regulating Range: 7-125 PSI (0.5-8.5 kgf/cm2)
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 150 PSI (9.9 kgf/cm2)
  • Operating Temperature: 40-140°F (5-60°C)
  • Filtration: 25 Micron (Sintered Brass Filter)
  • Includes 3/8 in. to 1/4 in. NPT reducers

Note: Install 1 FRL per PCNC Mill.


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