3 FL - Corner Radius - 0.2500 in. (1/4) Cutter DIA x 0.2500 in. (1/4) Shank DIA x 0.0200 in. Radius x 0.5000 in. (1/2) LOC x 2.5000 in. (2-1/2) OAL - APLUS Coated

Shipping Weight:
0.1 lbs.
Ships from Helical Solutions

0.2500 in. End Mills for Steels - 3 Flute - Corner Radius

Please note: this product is currently only shipped within the continental US. We are working to expand shipping options in the near future.

Helical Solutions End Mills for Steels - 3 Flute - Corner Radius

Cutting Diameter: 0.2500 in.

Flute Length: 0.5000 in.

Overall Length: 2.5000 in.

Coating: APLUS

Flutes: 3 Flute

Material: Micrograin Carbide

Helical Solutions Tool Number: 08112

Helical Solutions Tool Description: HST-SR-30250-R.020

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