Industries Using Tormach Machines


CNC machines that fit into any shop space. Small enough so students don't feel intimidated, with enough torque to cut titanium and alloys.

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Machine Shops

Work competitively out of your garage, or use Tormachs for second operations to support your big-brother VMC.

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Stop farming out your parts. Speed up product development and save on costs by bringing prototyping in-house.

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Small-footprint CNC mills and lathes help you craft firearms that stand out. Build one-of-a-kind pieces and signature parts that keep your work distinct.

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Knifemaking background


Precision blades made from anything that can be cut. And handle designs open to all you can imagine. All from affordable, easy-to-use Tormach CNC mills and lathes.

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CNC mills and lathes that are New-York-City-basement small, single-phase-electrical easy, user-friendly, value-packed, and built to make.

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Need a project idea?

The Tormach Project Library is devoted to creating and developing curriculum-worthy projects that teachers, students, or anybody with access to a CNC machine can use to learn what making chips is all about.

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