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PathPilot CNC Controller

Machinists’ Favorite CNC Controller

Our engineers saw PathPilot as an opportunity to make a better control software for CNC operators. It consistently receives high praise because it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and can help you do almost anything. That feedback is hard-earned and it means the world to us.

Cost and capability are two of the biggest barriers in a CNC investment.

Tormach was built on the idea of minimizing those barriers. Get cutting, get making, using high-value, well-appointed machines. If that sounds like a reasonable promise to you, you might be our people.

If it’s available, it’s included.

PathPilot was developed with the features we’d want in control software. Like FREE Upgrades!

The extras shouldn’t be extra. Costs shouldn’t be hidden. Updates should be accessible.

If you’re investing in a Tormach, we want you to have all of PathPilot (instead of choosing the features you want to buy) so you can do amazing things straight out of the box!

Program, learn and train online with PathPilot HUB.

If you’re new to CNC or new to PathPilot, you can get up to speed with our virtual PathPilot HUB. All you need is a login (which is free) and an Internet connection, you can start getting into programming in PathPilot’s environment.

If you’re a Tormach owner, you can program from anywhere and upload your PathPilot code to your local controller and start making chips once you get back to your machine.


The heart and soul of Tormach machine tools, PathPilot® runs the show and supports simultaneous motion up to 4 axes. Intuitive and powerful conversational programming is baked right in and lets you create programs at the machine — even if you don’t know G-code or CAM! PathPilot includes features like 1000 block look-ahead, conversational programming, and free network support, right out of the box! It’s the 21st century, you’ve got better things to spend money on rather than “options” for a CNC controller!

Are You New to PathPilot and Want to Learn More? 

Tormach has an impressive YouTube series - PathPilot Quick Tips - to help you learn the ins and outs of operating in PathPilot.  


PathPilot CNC Control: Comes Loaded With Premium Features As Our Standard

User-Definable Macros PathPilot comes with subroutine support baked in. Operators can build and customize G-code subroutines for fast programming of specific application needs.
Trajectory Planner/High-Speed Machining Look-ahead path blending in PathPilot’s trajectory planner allows for high-speed machining.
Visual Conversational Programming A full-color graphic interface, walks operators through easy-to-understand, intuitive step-by-step templates to quickly write G-code for milling sequences.
Expanded Memory 90GB of built-in storage and memory has PathPilot ready-to-roll.
Second Home Position Operator-defined Home position allows the user to set a preferred table location for easy tool loading or inspection.
Built-in Dropbox™ Support Seamlessly transfer high-performance transfer and synchronization of program files and data sets of virtually any size.
WiFi Ready All the software necessary for connection is included in PathPilot.
USB I/O Kit PathPilot supports up to 4 USB I/O kits for a total of 16 ins and 16 outs - all individually controlled by M codes. Easily trigger aftermarket accessories such as auxiliary pumps, robotic part loaders, probes, and more.

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