PathPilot Software Bootable USB Drive - Recovery Media

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The PathPilot v2.x Upgrade is for Tormach customers looking to upgrade from PathPilot v1.9.13 to PathPilot v2.x


Take your machining to a new level with PathPilot v2.x. With this major system upgrade, you can:

  • Automatically transfer G-code files over Dropbox
  • Receive automatic updates for future releases
  • Streamline your machining experience with the updated interface
  • Use the new conversational profiling feature with the 15L Slant-PRO Lathe

If your system is already running PathPilot v1.9.x, we recommend that you first update to v1.9.13 to automatically back up and migrate your Tool Table data.

Tormach owners frequently purchase this USB as a backup PathPilot recovery/restore option.


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