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For rapid linear motion, program: G00 X~ Y~ Z~ A~

  • X~ is theX-axis coordinate
  • Y~ is the Y-axis coordinate
  • Z~ is the Z-axis coordinate
  • A~ is the A-axis coordinate

This produces coordinated linear motion to the destination point at the current traverse rate (or slower, if the mill won’t go that fast). It’s expected that cutting won’t take place when a G00 command is executing. The G00 is optional if the current motion mode is G00.

Depending on where the tool is located, follow these two basic rules:

  1. If the Z value represents a cutting move in the positive direction (like out of a hole), the X-axis should be moved last.
  2. If the Z value represents a move in the negative direction, the X-axis should be moved first.


The motion differs if:

  • Cutter radius compensation is active
  • G53 is programmed on the same line


It’s an error if:

  • All axis words are omitted -The axis words are optional, except that at least one must be used.
  • G10, G28, G30 or G92 appear in the same block