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Tormach RapidTurn 5C Chucker Lathe Accessory

Shipping Weight:
100 lbs.
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RapidTurn transforms your Tormach mill into a 5C chucker lathe.

When purchasing for 1100M include 1100M RapidTurn Programming Kit PN 39026 below.


RapidTurn transforms your Tormach PCNC mill into a 5C chucker lathe.

RapidTurn provides real CNC lathe functionality without taking up precious shop floor space. Set-up takes just a few minutes and RapidTurn is just as easily stored out of the way when not needed.

RapidTurn has a manual index plate with a locking pin. Parts can be securely positioned in 15° increments for secondary work with the PCNC’s primary milling spindle, making it ideal for cutting wrench flats or drilling cross holes on turned parts without additional setups.

Additional Items

  • QC Motor Connection Kit
    • Allows operator to quickly swap their mill’s VFD’s output between their mill’s native spindle motor and an accessory motor (such as the RapidTurn or 80 mm High Speed Spindle). REQUIRED for all users who do not already have a motor quick change kit installed.
  • RapidTurn Programming Key Set
    • VFD keys allow you to quickly swap motor parameters to switch between the RapidTurn’s motor and your PCNC 1100’s or 1100M's spindle motor. Keyset IS NOT required for PCNC 770, 770M, 1100MX, or 770MX owners.