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Right To Repair

Tormach Embraces The Right To Repair Movement

From the day Tormach opened its doors, our goal was to build machines that are easy to set up and repair by the owner. We continue that right-to-repair tradition today as we design our equipment with you, the end user at mind.

Each machine is thoughtfully configured so that the average user can bring it into their shop and set it up with minimal tooling. Each machine is also designed so that owner can easily replace the most common components from the spindle, to the belts and items in the electrical panel.

All machine manuals and technical documents are available and easy to download from our website. Our famous Tormach Technical Support Team is also just a call or service ticket away with their decades of knowledge to help you with any situation.

If you aren’t comfortable with, or just do not have the time to assemble your machines, Tormach provides Assembly Services and On-Site Installations for a fee.

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