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G10 L11 is just like G10 L10, except that instead of setting the entry according to the current offsets, it’s set so that the current coordinates would become the given value if the new tool offset is reloaded and the mill is placed in the G59.3 coordinate system without any G92 offset active. This allows you to set the G59.3 coordinate system according to a fixed point on the mill, and then use that fixture to measure tools without regard to other currently active offsets.

Program: G10 L11 P~ X~ Z~ R~ I~ J~ Q~

  • P~ is the tool number
  • R~ is the radius of tool


It’s an error if:

  • Cutter Compensation is on
  • The P number is unspecified
  • The P number is not a valid tool number from the tool table
  • The P number is 0