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NOTE: These commands are only useful when the mill is equipped with the USB M-Code I/O Interface Kit.

There are four output relays available on the USB I/O module.

To activate output relays (contact close), program: M64

To deactivate output relays (contact open), program: M65

There are four contacts, numbered from 0 to 3. The contact is specified by the P word.

  • Activating the first relay: M64 P0
  • Activating the second relay: M64 P1

The outputs are deactivated using M65 with the P word specifying the relay.

  • Deactivating the second relay: M65 P1
  • Deactivating the fourth relay: M65 P3

There is only one P word and one relay per line. Each relay command must be done on an individual line.

The following is legal:

  • M64 P0
  • M64 P2
  • M64 P3

The following is not legal:

  • M64 P023
  • M64 P0 P2 P3