Shane Wighton

Shane Wighton

Shane Wighton is an American engineer best known for his YouTube channel, Stuff Made Here: an engineering-focused channel where Wighton builds various innovative inventions. Launched in March of 2020, as of November 2021, Stuff Made Here has over 3.44 million subscribers, over 143 million total views, and an average favorable rating of 98.6%. With average views over 5.5 million, the segments are amongst the most watched engineering project content on the platform.

As of December, 2021, his most viewed video, entitled "Moving hoop won't let you miss", has over 23 million views. In the video, he creates a basketball hoop that uses various motors to adjust its angle within a 600 millisecond timeframe, in order for the basketball to always go into the basketball net.

Shane's Tormach equipment includes a 1100MX CNC Mill, a 1300PL Plasma Table, a 24R CNC Router, and a ZA6 Robot. You can see Tormach equipment in many of Shane's videos including: World's most powerful bat goes boom. Made on my new Tormach 24r, Explosive Bat: crushing MLB records. Ft: Smarter Every Day, Making an unpickable lock and Calling locksmiths, and My most dangerous robot.

Shane currently has an 1100MX CNC mill, 24R CNC Router, and ZA6 Robot