As we begin 2021, we have found ourselves in a situation where our lead-times have substantially increased due to COVID-19 pandemic-related issues.
Those issues combined with high demand and heavy shipping volume is resulting in a longer than normal delivery timeframes for many Tormach machines and accessories.
We are working diligently to resolve these issues and look forward to bringing our lead-times back to normal. Unfortunately, this is going to take some time.
As of now, we anticipate that these lead times will continue into the second quarter. We appreciate your patience during this time.


  • G00: Rapid positioning
  • G01: Linear interpolation
  • G02: Clockwise circular interpolation
  • G03: Counter-clockwise circular interpolation
  • G04: Dwell
  • G07, G08: Diameter / radius mode
NOTE: The Tormach 15L and Rapid Turn both use G7 (X positions displayed in diameter values). G8 is not used or supported in PathPilot.
  • G10 L1: Set tool table entry
  • G10 L10: Set tool table – calculated – workpiece
  • G10 L11: Set tool table – calculated – fixture
  • G10 L2: Set work offset origin
  • G10 L20: Set work offset origin – calculated
  • G17, G18, G19: Plane selection
  • G20/G21: Inch / millimeter unit
  • G28: Return home
  • G28.1: Reference axes
  • G30: Return home
  • G33: Spindle sync. motion (like threading)
  • G33.1: Rigid tapping
  • G40: Cancel cutter radius compensation
  • G41/G42: Start cutter radius compensation left / right
  • G41.1, G42.1: Dynamic Cutter Compensation
  • G43: Apply tool length offset
  • G49: Cancel tool length offset
  • G53: Move in absolute machine coordinate system
  • G54: Use fixture offset 1
  • G55: Use fixture offset 2
  • G56-G58: Use fixture offset 3, 4, 5
  • G59: Use fixture offset 6 / use general fixture number
  • G61/G61.1: Path control mode
  • G64: Path control with optional tolerance
  • G73: Canned cycle – peck drilling
  • G76: Multi-pass threading cycle
  • G80: Cancel motion mode (including canned cycles)
  • G81: Canned cycle – drilling
  • G82: Canned cycle – drilling with dwell
  • G83: Canned cycle – peck drilling
  • G85: Canned cycle – boring, no dwell, feed out
  • G86: Canned cycle – boring, spindle stop, rapid out
  • G88: Canned cycle – boring, spindle stop, manual out
  • G89: Canned cycle – boring, dwell, feed out
  • G90, G90.1: Absolute distance mode
  • G91,G91.1: Incremental distance mode
  • G92: Offset coordinates and set parameters
  • G92.x: Cancel G92, etc.
  • G93, G94, G95: Feed modes
  • G96, G97: CSS, RPM modes
  • G98: Initial level return / R-point level after canned cycles