Switchable Convenience Outlet (Kit)

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The Switchable Convenience Outlet (Kit) adds a switchable convenience outlet to your PCNC mill for low power devices - use for M8/M9 control of air blast, mist coolant, or other device integration applications

  • PCNC Mills Only - NOT Compatible with M/MX mills.
  • Details

    The standard Tormach PCNC mill configuration provides an AC switched outlet at the bottom of the control cabinet which can be operated either under manual control from the console or via automatic control using the M codes (M7, M8, M9).
    By adding a switched outlet this AC power can be directed to either the internal flood coolant or to a surface outlet where any low current AC device can be controlled.

    • Limited to 1/6 HP (125 watts).  Use with Optional External Contactor Kit (PN 33044) for high current devices such as pumps, vacuums, etc.
    • Beware of inductive devices such as pneumatic valves, electrical motors, etc., as they can introduce machine control problems. An optional Noise Suppression Kit (PN 33059) is available and will resolve many common electrical noise issues.
    • Kit, some basic assembly is required.


    • PCNC Mills Only - NOT Compatible with M/MX mills.
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