As we begin 2021, we have found ourselves in a situation where our lead-times have substantially increased due to COVID-19 pandemic-related issues.
Those issues combined with high demand and heavy shipping volume is resulting in a longer than normal delivery timeframes for many Tormach machines and accessories.
We are working diligently to resolve these issues and look forward to bringing our lead-times back to normal. Unfortunately, this is going to take some time.
As of now, we anticipate that these lead times will continue into the second quarter. We appreciate your patience during this time.


NOTE: This command is only useful when the mill is equipped with the USB M-Code I/O Interface Kit.

There are four digital inputs available on the USB I/O module.

M66 P- | E-

  • P- is the digital input number from 0 to 3.
  • L- is the wait mode type:
    • Mode 0: IMMEDIATE – no waiting, returns immediately. The value of the input at that time is stored in parameter #5399.
    • Mode 1: RISE – waits for the selected input to perform a rise event.
    • Mode 2: FALL – waits for the selected input to perform a fall event.
    • Mode 3: HIGH – waits for the selected input to go to the HIGH state.
    • Mode 4: LOW – waits for the selected input to go to the LOW state.
  • Q- is the timeout in seconds for waiting

The Q value is ignored if the L word is zero (IMMEDIATE). A Q value of zero is an error if the L word is non-zero.