ZA6 Industrial Robot

Machinists and Students Flock to 3DExperience World in Dallas

3DExperience World 2024 took place in Dallas, Texas this year and Tormach had a strong presence in the 3DExperience Playground area, where show goers got to interact with our ZA6 industrial robot, the 24R router, the 1100 MX CNC mill, and the xsTECH desktop router. Attendees who visited the Tormach area received a leather stamp (either a star or the state of Texas) which was crafted on the 1100MX mill. Our machining experts were on hand during the entire event running demos on the machines, while interacting with engineers, machinists, students, and other industry professionals. You can view photos and videos from this exciting event below.

xsTECH 3DExperience World

The xsTECH router area featured six of our easy-to-use desktop routers. The xsTECH is a capable router for students starting their CNC journey. It's also an affordable option for schools looking to incorporate CNC into their curriculum. Attendees were able to get hands-on with the xsTECH and create their own wooden USB drives. 

1100 CNC Mill
The 1100MX ran a demo during the show which produced the leather stamps that were given away to show goers. Attendees could test out their new leather stamps on a vice to see how it works. The 1100MX drew a nice crowd throughout the event as people watched the leather stamps as they were manufactured.


We're getting ready for the first day of 3DExperience World in Dallas. Visit Tormach in the 3DX Playground to see our machines in action and get one of our leather stamps crafted on the 1100MX CNC mill. @CNCSAMURAI #3dxw24 #cnc #cncmachining #machinist #hobbyist #manufacturing

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The ZA6 industrial robot was a popular stop in the 3DXW Playground as people were able to take control of the robot and move it in space using our intuitive PathPilot® software. After using the robot, several attendees said that they were surprised at how easy it was to operate.

ZA6 3DExperience World

The 24R router was hard at work during 3DExperience World, producing materials needed for the USB routers that were part of the xsTECH demo. With the final day of the show happening on Valentine's Day, we had the 24R create some hearts that a handful of attendees were able to take with them as a souvenir. 3DExperience World was a fantastic event and a great opportunity for people to learn more about our machines by asking questions of our experts and getting hands-on themselves. We look forward to going back next year. 

24R Router


We are starting off Day 2 of 3DExperience World 2024 by having our 24R router cut some pieces for our xsTECH demo. #3DXW24 #cnc #cncmachining #machinist #hobbyist #manufacturing #router #routers

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