How Skate Kastle used Tormach's CNC mills to build a business

When David Kinnich founded Skate Kastle, his passion for skateboarding and electric vehicles was the driving force behind his vision. However, turning that passion into a successful business required the right tools and a steep learning curve. Enter Tormach, whose capable, affordable, and easy-to-use CNC machines became integral to Skate Kastle's journey from idea to reality.

David’s journey began with little to no experience in CNC machining. “When I started the company, I had no CNC experience. This was the first CNC I used,” says David. Initially, he collaborated with the staff at mHUB, a Chicago-based innovation center, and relied on online tutorials and trial-and-error to master the basics of CNC machining. This foundational period was crucial in equipping him with the skills needed to operate Tormach machines effectively.


Students Take the Next Step in Their Career During NC3 National Singing Day

All across the country, more than 65 National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) Leadership Schools hosted the NC3 National Letter of Intent Signing Day, which is designed to honor new and prospective career and technical education (CTE) students who are entering a technical field and celebrate the dignity of their hard work. Tormach is a proud partner of NC3 and showed full support for these students, as they embark on their journey toward technical excellence and career fulfillment, during signing day events across the country.


Machinists and Students Flock to 3DExperience World in Dallas

3DExperience World 2024 took place in Dallas, Texas this year and Tormach had a strong presence in the 3DExperience Playground area, where show goers got to interact with our ZA6 industrial robot, the 24R router, the 1100 MX CNC mill, and the xsTECH desktop router. Attendees who visited the Tormach area received a leather stamp (either a star or the state of Texas) which was crafted on the 1100MX mill. Our machining experts were on hand during the entire event running demos on the machines, while interacting with engineers, machinists, students, and other industry professionals. You can view photos and videos from this exciting event below.


PathPilot Updates for the ZA6 Industrial Robot

Tormach software engineer Brandon Duarte will walk you through the exciting new features in the latest PathPilot® software update for the ZA6 industrial robot. These user-friendly updates will enhance your programming and operation experience.


Cutting Soft Jaws on the 770MX CNC Mill

In a YouTube live session, a member of the Tormach team dove into the intricacies of cutting soft jaws on our 770MX CNC mill. This project is specifically for a triangular-shaped part with a significant radius. We were excited to tackle this challenge, considering the complexities that arise when attempting to machine such unconventional parts.


Quick Tips: Setting A Laser Safety Area Scanner with the ZA6 Robot

A laser safety area scanner is a device you can use with Tormach’s ZA6 industrial robot to help ensure a safe workspace. For this quick tip video we are using the Keyence safety scanner, which creates a protective plane that detects objects that intersect its path. As objects come closer to this plane, the scanner signals the ZA6 industrial robot by activating either a warning or a safety input.

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