Robot Builder and Former MythBuster Takes to CNC

His credentials include MythBusters, BattleBots, and working as a Disney Imagineer -- it goes without saying that Grant Imahara knows what he's doing when it comes to making stuff.


Making a Massive Boat in the Middle of Oklahoma with a PCNC 770

In the middle of Oklahoma, just north of Tulsa, a large boat, known as SV Seeker, sits in Doug Jackson’s front yard. He’s been building the boat for a while now, documenting the process on YouTube, and he recently picked up a PCNC 770 to aid in the endeavor.


Cosplay Gets More Realistic Thanks to Tormach Machine Tools

The term Comic-Con has become a household staple over the last decade or so, as various conventions celebrating comics, movies, and science fiction. As these events have grown and spread over the years – growing from a small affair in San Diego in the 70’s to a phenomenon of multiple events in multiple countries – the concept of cosplay has grown as well.


Former Mythbuster Gets a Tormach Mill

He's been a Mythbuster, in the movies, on BattleBots, built superhero tools, and now, Grant Imahara owns a PCNC 770. Grant started his journey down the road of making and mythbusting after graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in electrical engineering.


From Proton Packs to R2-D2: Movie Prop Replicas with Tormach

Jesse Hayes is the co-founder of a video game company, S2 Games, and owner of Puzzlebox Entertainment, but he’s also an artist and maker when it comes to movie props.


When Star Wars Fans Find CNC

Here at Tormach, we’re big fans of Star Wars.

And so are our customers.

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