How to Use PathPilot HUB

PathPilot HUB has become an incredibly useful tool for teachers and remote educators, but some are still unaware of what PathPilot HUB can truly offer them.

One of the perks to adding Tormach machines to any classroom or shop is that all the CNC equipment runs on the same control system, PathPilot. While there are different interfaces for the 1100M vs the 24R router vs the 15L Slant-PRO lathe, the basic structure of the software is the same.


10 Years of Tormach at NYC CNC

Way back in October of 2010, our NYC CNC YouTube channel was just starting to get some legs in the CNC community when we placed the order for our first Tormach mill. Fast forward ten years, we have watched this community grow – as has SMW and the Tormach product line!


Knife Maker Uses TITANS of CNC: Academy and a PCNC 440 to Launch His Business

Everyday there are more and more CNC entrepreneurs finding ways to build businesses using their machine tools. With machines like the Tormach lineup of mills, the barrier for entry into making your own products is lower than ever. There’s no need for a massive capital expense budget or access to a massive shop - you can start a CNC business out of your garage.


The Beginner's Complete Guide to Machinist Vises

A Machinist Vise (also called a Milling Vise) is probably the most popular workholding solution available for milling machines.


How to Anodize Titanium with CadLab Machine Studios

From washing and polishing to powder coating and sandblasting, there are endless ways to finish your parts. When you’re dealing with aluminum or titanium, anodizing is one of the most popular.


Six Things You Need to Know About CNC Fixturing

Fixturing is arguably one of the most complex and challenging (yet fun) parts of machining. Having the proper workholding and fixturing can make or break a production run, but in some cases, it can even break your part.

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