15-Year-Old Builds His Business With a Tormach PCNC 440

Stone Hendrickson started making things at an early age. His uncle got him into archery at around 10- or 11-years old, and his interest in manufacturing spawned very quickly.


Knife Maker Uses TITANS of CNC: Academy and a PCNC 440 to Launch His Business

Everyday there are more and more CNC entrepreneurs finding ways to build businesses using their machine tools. With machines like the Tormach lineup of mills, the barrier for entry into making your own products is lower than ever. There’s no need for a massive capital expense budget or access to a massive shop - you can start a CNC business out of your garage.


Tormach Tutorials with Titans of CNC

About a year ago, Titan Gilroy, from Titans of CNC, picked up a 770M for their shop. Since then, he’s been busy testing and learning about with the middle range of Tormach’s mills has to offer.

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