Gifts for that Special Machinist in Your Life

What do you give the person who has everything? Classic holiday conundrum.

What do you give the guy or gal in your life who can make anything?

Good news for you! We recently sat down for some milk and cookies and talked with our favorite shop foreman, Kris Kringle, to find out what’s big with the little folks in his jolly machine shop up north.


Building Fast Cars With Some CNC Help

Jacks Transmissions specializes in building custom mechanical components to make cars go fast. “We build transmissions for the Nissan R35 GTR and Mitsubishi Evo, among several other platforms, but that’s what we specialize in,” explains Jacob Shields, an engineer at the garage and CNC machine enthusiast. 


Some of the Best #Tormach Posts of 2016

Tormach owners are avid social media users, especially on Instagram. While machinists of all varieties tend to use the hashtag #instamachinist, we see most Tormach users also using #Tormach.


In a Busy Week, Tormach Talks at MIT, Saunders Teaches at Autodesk University

There were Tormach employees all over the country last week, from Autodesk University in Las Vegas to talking makerspaces at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some spent last week in the glitz and glam of Las Vegas… but really, we only saw the inside of the Sands Convention Center where Tormach Brand Ambassador, John Saunders, spent the week teaching CAM and machining.


CNC Projects: Free, Classroom-Friendly Archive to Fuel Student Imaginations

Experiential education started to emerge in the 1980s, but it seems like technical education teachers knew this long before all the research was published. Keeping content fresh and finding projects students are interested in is a hurdle that seems to get consistently harder to overcome. Tormach just released its project library to help you do just that.


Women in STEM: Connecting With the Next Generation of Leaders

More than 100 middle school students eagerly watched machines run, listened to technical explanations of how things worked, applied their math skills to engineering demonstrations, and got to meet with engineers, machinists, and other leaders.  What made this group is unique is their gender – they were all female.

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