Choosing the Right Computer for CAD & CAM as a Hobbyist


Having the right tools for a job can be the difference between a simple task and a long, arduous job – and we’ve found this holds true in any situation. Selecting the right computer for your CAD and CAM work is, in our opinion, just as important as selecting the right CNC machine for the work you plan on doing.


Manufacturing at 3DEXPERIENCE World with SOLIDWORKS and Tormach

The world of CNC starts with software. Specifically, CNC starts with CAD software to design and develop your part before you ever create toolpaths and make chips. SOLIDWORKS is one of the largest CAD companies out there, and every year they host SOLIDWORKS World, until now. 


Improving Manufacturability with a Tormach CNC machine

One of the biggest challenges CNC engineers and designers often face (whether they realize it or not) is designing for manufacturability.


SolidWorks CAM Meets Tormach Machines

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of awesome relationships with various vendors, organizations, and YouTubers. Every partnership has helped us further our goal of enabling the ideas of our customers, which is why from February 4 to 7 we’ll be showcasing our products at SolidWorks World in Los Angeles.


How to Download and Use Tormach Solid Models

When you have an idea but aren't sure where to start, don't waste time starting from scratch. Tormach solid models are accessible and easy to use - and a great resource to integrate into your CNC, CAD, and CAM workflow.


7 Software Reasons for Bad Surface Finishes

Most of the time, machinist’s focus on the hardware aspects when they think about surface finish: –  Do I have the right feeds and speeds? –  Is my setup and machine rigid enough? –  Is there too much runout on the spindle? This is definitely the right place to start, but it’s not the end of the story. A great many factors affecting surface finish are tied up in the CAD/CAM software used to create the part program. For example, the part in the photo on the right exhibits a faceted surface finish. This is definitely a software issue (although there are certain servo mis-tuning situations that can lead to that sort of thing). Let’s take a look at some of these critical software issues that affect surface finish:

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