Manufacturing at 3DEXPERIENCE World with SOLIDWORKS and Tormach

The world of CNC starts with software. Specifically, CNC starts with CAD software to design and develop your part before you ever create toolpaths and make chips. SOLIDWORKS is one of the largest CAD companies out there, and every year they host SOLIDWORKS World, until now. 

This year it’s called 3DEXPERIENCE World and the company promises that it will be part of an “industry renaissance.” So of course, Tormach is going to be there! In fact, this is the third year that SOLIDWORKS has invited to be a part of this event.


On February 9-12, 2020, we’ll be onsite at Music City Center in Nashville, TN to help support the manufacturing center during the event. 

We’ll be using a Tormach 1100MX to cut sophisticated aluminum parts with some fancy workholding and the 24R CNC Router to cut RenShape board to make a mold. During the show, all the parts that are made in the manufacturing center, by Tormach machines, as well as some other great manufacturing companies, will be put together to make a final assembly.

Tormach has had a long-running partnership with SOLIDWORKS, and their SOLIDWORKS CAM package has some ready-to-roll Tormach post-processors with the help of GoEngineer.

Last year we used the 15L Slant-PRO lathe and an 1100M to make a fully constructed engine. This year, we can’t tell you what we’re making - you gotta be there!

So, come see us in Tennessee next month, learn some CAD/CAM, and see some chips get made!