How to Crash Your CNC Mill (Responsibly)

Mistakes Happen: Turning Student Crashes into Teachable Moments with Your CNC Mill


College freshman are immersed in new experiences at the start of the fall semester – their first time away from home, shopping on a budget, and, many times, their first time coming face to face with a CNC machine. We’ve all seen them.


Boutique Vinyl Record Storage Designer Keeps Things Custom With CNC

Vinyl record enthusiasts have always needed a place to store their collections, but David Stanavich believes that it’s about more than storage. The records need to be accessible so collectors can not only marvel at their collections, but also enjoy the music.


Saunders Machine Works Makes Mars Curiosity Rover Wheels

Saunders Machine Works’ partnership with Beatty Robotics has made headlines! The Zanesville Times Recorder recently featured the Curiosity Rover Wheels as a Sunday headline story.


SolidWorks CAM Meets Tormach Machines

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of awesome relationships with various vendors, organizations, and YouTubers. Every partnership has helped us further our goal of enabling the ideas of our customers, which is why from February 4 to 7 we’ll be showcasing our products at SolidWorks World in Los Angeles.


Building Fast Cars With Some CNC Help

Jacks Transmissions specializes in building custom mechanical components to make cars go fast. “We build transmissions for the Nissan R35 GTR and Mitsubishi Evo, among several other platforms, but that’s what we specialize in,” explains Jacob Shields, an engineer at the garage and CNC machine enthusiast. 


Five Things You Didn't Know About the Shear-Hog

The Shear Hog is one of our favorite Tormach TTS tools for removing and roughing aluminum here at Saunders Machine Works. We use the Shear Hog on all of our Tormach machines, including our larger PCNC 1100 and the smaller PCNC 440.

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