How to Crash Your CNC Mill (Responsibly)

Mistakes Happen: Turning Student Crashes into Teachable Moments with Your CNC Mill


College freshman are immersed in new experiences at the start of the fall semester – their first time away from home, shopping on a budget, and, many times, their first time coming face to face with a CNC machine. We’ve all seen them.


New Product to be Unveiled at Tormach Tech Days

Next week brings about the new era of the Tormach Open House, Tormach Tech Days!


Students Gear up for FIRST Robotics with Tormach Machines

The beginning of the school year is fueled with energy of new classes for students around the country, but for a team of Covington, WA, students, it’s the smell of sizzling coolant and oil that gets them excited for the start of the school year and FIRST robotics preparation.


Students Engineer Championship Robots with Tormach




FIRST Robotics is a quickly-growing STEM initiative, founded by Dean Kamen, that pits kids against each other in robotic contests while promoting a fine combination of cooperation and competition. Teenagers stew over various engineering issues, component failures, and efficiency quotas all while coordinating their teams like a start-up engineering business – in essence, this is one of the truest forms of STEM education out there.

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